Mystery Jackpot is a randomly triggered bonus. Three-level mystery jackpot
plays on top of the base game and does not close it. Auto Play is automatically
stopped when one of the jackpots is won. The contributions to the jackpot
levels are calculated based on a percentage of the player’s wager.
No amount is deducted from the player's wager.
A slow Internet connection
could cause a delay and show outdated jackpot values.

Min Bet - in order for a wager to qualify for winning the Jackpot prize, the bet value must always be equal to or exceed the min bet value

Range - each Jackpot level has a predefined range of minimum and maximum value. Once the Jackpot value enters the range, it can be randomly triggered and won, by a qualifying wager. The Jackpot value will never exceed the range and will always be won within the range values